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The name of the website is derived from the initials of my full name pronounced in German.  This shortened version, I felt, would be easier to type and, perhaps, to memorize.



I was born in Johannesburg and have never managed to escape.  Nevertheless, as a boy, I was privileged to live opposite an open veld in my home suburb.  Exposed to the sights, sounds and smells of the veld around me, I very soon wanted to 'hold and keep' the experiences I was exposed to.  Photographically I started at age six, plaguing my father for a turn behind his normal 8mm home movie camera.  Only much later, in my mid-twenties, could I afford an SLR.

The African landscape, its fauna and flora are important to me.  My photographs are not meant to document; rather, they are an expression of my moods and responses to my home continent and the awe and delight that I experience when in a natural environment.

I hope that in some small way my images may also delight you.